3 Dental Practice Management Software

3 Dental Practice Management Software

The role of a dental assistant comes with many responsibilities, one of which involves a myriad of administrative tasks. With so much data to keep track of, such as patient appointments and charts, insurance claims, and even business reports, handling all of this data can get very difficult if you are not utilizing the right tools. This is where dental practice management software can be of service. Dental practice management software solutions, such as EagleSoft, can help make managing this information much less daunting and exponentially more efficient.

There is a wide variety of dental practice management software currently on the market, so with so many options available to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your dental practice? To help simplify the decision-making process, I have narrowed down three dental practice management software solutions that are highly recommended by dental assistants. Let’s take a look.


EagleSoft is one of the most highly rated and trusted dental practice management software currently on the market, and it is definitely easy to see why that is the case. This program does everything! From billing and scheduling to charting and imaging, EagleSoft can handle it all. Dental assistants consistently rave about this software’s user-friendly interface and its incredibly helpful client support. EagleSoft is great for dental practices of all sizes. You can learn more about this software from their website linked here.

Dentrix Enterprise

Next up is Dentrix Enterprise. Dentrix Enterprise is another highly rated dental practice management software that can handle all of your business management needs. This software is best suited for larger dental practices, particularly those with multiple locations. Dentrix Enterprise increases efficiency for these types of dental practices by centralizing data, creating a one-stop-shop that stores data from each site, resulting in the elimination of unnecessary duplications. Dental assistants enjoy how simple it is to access and share data between sites and the ability to seamlessly integrate data from multiple sites in their reporting. You can learn more about this software directly on their website.

Curve Hero

Last but not least is Curve Hero. Curve Hero is unique from most other dental practice management software in that it is a fully cloud-based software, making it the most modern of the bunch. The cloud-based technology enables dental assistants to access the software from any location and provides extra security to protect patients’ data. Dental assistants love its modern layouts and the impressive training which makes learning the software a breeze. You can learn more about this software from their website linked here.

So, there you have it, three dental software programs that are loved by dental assistants. Whether you decide to go with EagleSoft, Dentrix Enterprise, or Curve Hero, implementing any one of these software programs is guaranteed to streamline your daily dental practice tasks and have your dental practice running like a well-oiled machine. This will ultimately create even more time to focus on what matters most, your patients. Have you tried any of these options? Let us know in the comment section below.

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