Hire nurses within 30 days

We bring you the talent, so you can focus on running the show.

When done internally, Hospitals can spend up to

90 days

for recruiting 1 qualified nurse

The average nurse turnover across the US is


When a nurse leaves, hospitals must account for:

Overtime payouts

Training Costs

Staff Workloads

Continuity of care

Accident rates


Medical staff dissatisfaction

the average cost of turnover for nurse can range between:

$38,000 & $61,000

Per nurse and Per month

Medijobs can help you cut your recruiting time by:

60 days

How do we work?

Tell us what you need

What position are you looking to fill? Tell us about the job requirements and the financial offer.


We  pre-qualify nurses for you

Save time by meeting nurses who meet your criteria and have already accepted your salary offer.

New hire within 30 days

Filling your vacant position within 30-days of your request will save you money.

People working in the medical industry want to serve their community. Our jobs are stressful and challenging. We see and live through experiences most people will never comprehend. When you add the challenges of being understaffed and training new nurses on the fly, it truly impedes the quality of service and care we want to provide to our patients. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with the Medijobs team. You have made an impact in our life. Even though we may not see you every day, we consider you, part of our team. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Daniel Douglas

Senior Recruiter



Start a recruiting process NOW.

And if your newly hired employee leaves within 30 days,

We find you a replacement at


Medijobs offers

cost-effective solutions

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Recruiting has always been a problem for us and Medijobs has helped us cut our hiring time by half.


Theresa Bryan

VP Talent Acquisition

My team absolutely LOVES our new recruiting process. Thanks Medijobs for making us look good with our employees.


Gabriela Espinoza

Director of Recruitment

Expediting the recruitment of new nurses has allowed us to attend to more patients and increase our revenue by 4% last month.


Michael Brown

Talent Acquisition Director