4 Holistic Dentists On Instagram You’ll Want to Learn From

4 Holistic Dentists On Instagram You’ll Want to Learn From

One of the greatest benefits of using Instagram is how much educational content is available. Consequently, healthcare professionals are using this to educate, connect, and promote their work. The holistic dental industry, in particular, is having a huge moment right now on this social media platform.

A handful of holistic dentists are revealing the mysteries of the mouth and encouraging people to care more about their oral hygiene. These dentists show you how to floss your teeth, what products to buy, and even recommend recipes!

Looking for a holistic dentist to follow and learn from? Look no further. These top Instragm dentists are going to keep you scrolling:

1. Dr.Mark Burhenne

Dr.Mark Burhenne manages to keep 35K followers interested in their dental health by posting videos, articles, and stories all dedicated to improve oral hygiene. If you are looking for educational content, then look no further. What makes Dr.Mark Burhenne stand out is his focus on functional hygiene and the role of food. He provides tips on kid-friendly snacks and how to cook food to better support your teeth.

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Beans and lentils are foods often considered healthy — for good reason — but the presence of phytic acid might mean that they contribute to tooth decay. Phytic acid binds to nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, iron, zinc, and magnesium and may make it more difficult for your teeth to absorb them.⁣ Deficiencies of nutrients like these can make you more susceptible to cavities and periodontitis.⁣ ⁣ There are a few categories of people who are at risk more than others. People who…⁣ ➡️ are under the age of 6⁣ ⁣ ➡️ are pregnant⁣ ➡️ have diagnosed iron deficiency⁣ ➡️ eat strictly vegetarian or vegan diets⁣ ⁣ What to do?⁣ 🍽 To eliminate phytic acid, consider soaking your beans, lentils, and other grains overnight before eating them.⁣ 🍽 You can also buy sprouted grains, which means their phytic acid content has already been reduced.⁣ 🍽 Eat phytic acid foods alone or in between meals to reduce the impact of the anti-nutrient on your digestion. Phytate doesn’t stick around very long in the body. So, if you were to have a snack of pumpkin seeds and eat a meal an hour later, it’s unlikely that the phytic acid in pumpkin seeds would stop you from absorbing the nutrients from your meal.⁣ ⁣ As with most things that come to nutrition and diet, our ancestors had it right! The traditional diets of our ancestors included a lot of sprouting and soaking.⁣ ⁣ 📱 Google "phytic acid dental health" to read my blog post for more tips on how to protect your teeth when it comes to phytic acid.⁣ ➡️ See link in bio for my downloadable guide for how to say "goodbye" to cavities forever.⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #dentalhealth #healthyteeth #healthy #functionalhealth #smile #biohacker #beansandgreens #beanscene #foodtips101 #foodtipsandtricks #phyticacid #vegandiet #vegetarian #plantbased #vitamind #plantbaseddiet #functionaldentistry #nutritionist #reversetoothdecay #toothdecay #mealprep #macros #paleofood #mealplan #foodprep #cleaneating #flexibledieting #cleaneats #paleo #healthyeating

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A lot of people follow Dr.Mark Burhenne because of the dental products he recommends. Although some people are skeptical about product recommendations due to paid endrorsements,Dr.Mark Burhenne doesn’t blindly recommend items. He explains why these products are good for you by breaking down research and scientific findings.

2. Jimani H.M.Blackwell

Hate going to the dentist? Well, Dr.Jimani Blackwell, a holistic dentist with a keen sense of style, might change your mind with her practice and boutique, enlightenDENTAl. As a result of hard work and finding a niche area, Dr.Jimani Blackwell has created a business that focuses on wellness and quality. Dr.Jimani Blackwell describes this innovative dental practice as “enlightenDENTAL is a boutique, holistic dental practice that focuses on whole body wellness. We have incorporated healing techniques and products into our design.” Dr.Jimani Blackwell’s followers are interested in holistic dentistry, wellness, and the finger things in life. Although her bouquet is located in New Orleans, Louisiana, she shares her knowledge through instagram daily. If you’re in the New Orleans area, you might want to join her boutique’s waitlist.

The Dentist Mom

Next, is a dentist that all moms will love. There is so much stressed placed on caregivers to be able to take care of their children’s teeth. This is because children often struggle with oral hygiene and caregivers often worry about their child’s oral health because they know what snacks, sugar, and lack of brushing and flossing can do. Dr. Helen Mo is a dentist that specifically focuses on “guiding parents through the challenges of baby teeth with a personal touch.” Her slick instagram has clear, educational, and catchy photos like this one:

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❤️ DOUBLE TAP & SHARE with a friend! 💬 COMMENT: how many teeth does your little one have? What’s your brushing routine? . . DID YOU KNOW? It is never too early to desensitize your child to the physical SENSATION of brushing. If your child struggles with brushing, remember that the face is such a personal area and they may need time to find oral healthcare normal. But the more frequent the exposure, the better your child’s behavior will become. . 🦷 BROWSE my Amazon Shop (link in bio) for fun options. Proceeds donated. _______________________________ ⭐️ BEFORE TEETH: ORAL DESENSITIZATION. 1: Introduce an adult finger tip brush or clean damp washcloth to gently massage the gums, the molar area, the inside of the cheeks, the tongue, and all around. ▫️Makes your child less sensitive in the future to oral stimulation. ▫️Sets your baby up for a higher chance of success for toothbrushing in the future. ▫️Helps with teething symptoms as a bonus! . 2: Allow your baby to mouth with a baby-friendly silicone toothbrush, and encourage your baby to chew using the gums on the sides of the mouth. ▫️Introduces your baby to the concept of brushing early. ▫️Gives your baby some independence & ownership to brushing. ▫️Promotes oral exploration, which facilitates oral sensory and motor development. . . ⭐️ AFTER TEETH: TOOTHBRUSHING. 1: Use a soft bristle toothbrush to adequately remove the plaque and keep the gums healthy. ▫️Pick a toothbrush that makes brushing fun – it could be a favorite character, one that lights up, or one that plays music. ▫️Angle the toothbrush 45 degrees towards the gum, and brush in gentle circles. ▫️Don’t forget to brush all around, including the insides and the tops of the chewing surfaces. . 2: Use an electric toothbrush if your child has persistent plaque or staining. This may look yellow, black, or orange. ▫️Consider introducing only once your child is able to cooperate. ▫️Use on a gentle setting. What’s your favorite toothbrush? Share with other parents below. 👇🏼

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If you are caring for a child, you’ll want to follow Dr.Helen Mo and save her posts for future reference. She breaks down information into small chunks and even demonstrates oral hygiene techniques with her toddler!

Dr. Steven Lin

Catchy educational photos seem be the trend these days and Dr.Steven Lin is a pro at this aesthetic. Dr.Steven Lin identifies as a holistic dentist and his instagram page has over 1K posts all about oral health. He is one of the top holistic dentists connecting with people on Instagram right now. He is able to transform research and his clinical experience into easy to digest information that encourages people to take action. Who would of thought that spinal posture begins in the mouth? In fact, he also has a series of educational IGTV videos that his 79K followers reference often.

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The deep inner ear structures in charge of measuring gravity's force are called Otoliths. They send vital signals about the position of your head to your brain. Space desensitizes these sensors, so astronauts are unable to measure gravity upon returning to earth. Personally while practicing dentistry, I’ve found forward head posture to be a huge issue for my neck and back. It’s reinforced to me that skeletal posture begins in the mouth. The central rudder of your posture tongue to the roof of the mouth brings forth a wave of unconscious support positions for the neck and spine. While posture muscles are out of our conscious control, the ‘rudder’ of your posture is your tongue. The tongue’s central connection to the roof of the mouth, drawing up and back to the throat, turns on all of the neck muscles. ​ These muscles act like a ‘sling’ for the airway, during swallowing they widen the palate. They respond to orders from the brain based on signals sent by your senses. Ask someone with slouched shoulders to pull them back. Their body will return to the misaligned posture as soon as they stop thinking about it. We must learn to strengthen spinal support, in key areas like the tongue, neck, and upper back. Strength training helps because you improve your nervous system’s connections. However, when our posture is unsupported, we must fix faulty signals coming from your body’s primary sensors, and can be picked up throughout the body. Signs may be: – Chronic jaw clenching – Headaches and vertigo – Dysfunctional eye movements – Tilted hip posture – Fallen arches in the feet When otoliths in the ear are chronically out of balance, our spine never reaches its neutral zone. This affects breathing, and cervical spinal fluid flow up the spine into the brain. Tongue to the roof of the mouth (the back part of the mouth), nasal breathing, straight cervical spine (back of head flat against a wall) and shoulders back is the way we need to support our spine and precious brain. By doing this we support our cranial nerves and allow the nervous system to work pain free. Do you suffer from neck or back pain? Have you noticed any other sign elsewhere in the body?

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What do you think about these holistic dentists? Have they changed how you view the dental industry?


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