5 Self-Care Webinars For Healthcare Professionals

5 Self-Care Webinars For Healthcare Professionals

It is essential for healthcare professionals to check in on their mental health and create self-care routines.

As hospitalizations for COVID-19 decrease and vaccination rollout continue, healthcare professionals should check in on themselves. As healthcare professionals, your job is to care for others. Often, that means leaving yourself last. To reduce burnout, anxiety, and depression, it is essential for healthcare professionals to care for their physical and mental state. Professionals should make time to care for their mental health, whether that means introducing stress-relieving techniques into their schedule, attending virtual meetups, seeking professional counseling, or watching webinars on self-care. 

We have a list of 5 Self-Care Webinars For Healthcare Professionals, including tools to cope with stress, trauma, and your busy schedule. 

Self-care and resilience: Practice what you teach

Are you a healthcare professional looking for ways to implement self-care into your patient’s routine and your own? Then the self-care resilience webinar is for you. Often, healthcare professionals focus their time on the wellbeing of their patients. In this webinar, healthcare professionals will learn about practicing these techniques to maintain positive mental health and discuss how compassion fatigue and others’ service causes a plan for self-care and resilience. Check out the webinar here; it includes a presentation version under the webinar.

Coping With the Uncontrollable

It’s essential for healthcare professionals who deal with death and grief every day to check in on themselves. But how do you cope with grief and trauma when it becomes a daily occurrence? In this webinar, Dr. Lisa Coyne helps professionals manage work and life stressors.  If you’re a healthcare professional dealing with compassion, fatigue, and the constant fear of the unknown, check this webinar out. 

Self-Care: Intentionally Improving Life During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Relias, a healthcare training platform is offering a webinar on the importance of self-care for healthcare professionals, especially during COVID-19. The webinar covers subjects like compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, depression, and more. It explores how infrequent self-care is for healthcare professionals, why and how COVID-19 adds new challenges and offers ways to incorporate self-care into participants’ daily routines.

Note: Relias also offers a course preview on Employee Wellness for Frontline Professionals and White Paper on Physician Burnout.

Mitigating Burnout in a Crisis: How to Care for Yourself While You Care for Others

COVID-19 has affected healthcare workers’ physical and mental health, and there’s been an increase in burnout. With an overwhelming number of patients and understaffing in the healthcare industry, healthcare professionals are working overtime. Dr. Anya Kotras explores the challenges of taking care of oneself while providing care for others. In this  30-minute webinar, Dr. Anya Kotras explores the challenges of caring for oneself while providing care for others; includes self-care strategies.

Leading Your Institution, Your Colleagues, & Yourself Through Stressful Times

The “Leading Your Institution” webinar is great for healthcare professionals in leadership.  In this webinar, Dr. Albert Wu describes the harmful impact COVID-19  has on healthcare professionals’ mental health. The webinar also examines how lack of support affects patient care. In the end, Dr. Wu gives recommendations on how healthcare institutions and leaders can introduce support programs and foster a supportive culture in their institutions. 


Do you have any webinar recommendations for your fellow healthcare professionals? What tools have helped you during COVID-19? Let us know in the comments below.

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