6 High Paying healthcare careers for 2021

6 High Paying healthcare careers for 2021

Here are 6 high paying and fastest-growing healthcare careers in 2021

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS), healthcare-related positions are expected to grow by 15% as technical, non-clinical, and clinical roles reopen. This is primarily because of the great need for more healthcare workers, as COVID-19 continues.  It’s the perfect time to apply for a health-related program or apply for a new position. There are many benefits to working in healthcare: caring for patients and assisting other healthcare workers,  plus medical and pay. If you’re wondering what some of the fastest or high paying healthcare careers for 2021 will be, look no further. 

Here are 6 High Paying Healthcare careers for 2021


A dentist treats patients’ oral health, i.e., gum, teeth, mouth. With dental hygienists and dental assistants, dentists extract teeth, fill cavities, and develop oral health-focused initiatives for patients.  Being a dentist is not only rewarding, but one of the high paying careers in healthcare.  On average, dentists earn between $107, 440 and $208,00 with a median of $151,850. The BLS projected a 7.6% increase in dental positions between 2019 and 2029.

Requirements: Bachelors in Health-related field, attend an accredited dental program and pass and become certified by the National Board Dental Examinations.

General Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioners or advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) positions are always in demand.  The need for nurse practitioners has increased by 52% since 2019. Nurse practitioners work in various departments and specialties, from pediatrics to oncology.

Some practitioners have experience as travel nurses to care for patients in multiple facilities, i.e., hospitals, schools. They provide patient care by diagnosing and treating patients, implementing treatment plans, and prescribing medication. As the second-fastest growing healthcare positions,  nurse practitioners make, on average, $111,840 a year.

Requirement: Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). For specialties, i.e., a pediatric nurse practitioner receives certification through the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board (PNCB)

Certified Nurse Midwife

Certified nurse-midwives deliver and assist patients before, during, and after labor. Midwives make an average of $108,810 working in OBGYN private practice, hospitals, and clinics. It’s a rewarding career with an expected growth of 45% between 2019 and 2029.  

Requirements:  An APRN license and certification from the American Midwifery Certification Board to earn the Certified Nurse-Midwife

Physician Assistant

Are you looking for a rewarding career where you can help treat patients, prescribe medication, help implement healthy steps and routines, and work independently? Why not become a Physician Assistant(PA).  The projected job growth is about 

Physician Assistants make between $90,150 to $127,220. A PA’s salary depends on education, years of experience, facility, and region or location. Many healthcare workers begin their health care career as nurses or EMTs and transfer over those experiences into PA work. 

Requirements: To become a PA, you need a Master’s Degree and sit for the National Commission’s certification exam on Certification of Physician Assistants.

Occupational Therapist Assistants

Occupational therapist assistants play an essential role in the care of patients and assisting Occupational Therapists. They help develop treatment plans, support routines, and implement and facilitate treatment programs. On average, Occupational Therapy Assistants make $61,180 a year, and job growth is expected to increase by 35% between 2019 and 2029.

Requirements: An associate degree from an accredited occupational therapy assistant program. Individuals interested in OTA work must sit for the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) exam.

Speech-Language Pathologist

Speech-language pathology is one of the most exciting healthcare careers. Pathologists test, diagnose, and treat individuals with speech-language or swallowing issues, i.e., patients who’ve had a stroke, stuttering, or children with language delays. 

Speech-language pathologists work in various areas from schools, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes. They communicate with diverse individuals from different fields and backgrounds. Being a speech pathologist is not only one of the most exciting healthcare careers, but it’s also high paying. Pathologist make a median of $77,000 and between $60,570 to $97,770. According to BLS, the field is expected to grow by 27.3% between 2018 and 2028.

Requirements: Bachelor in Speech Pathology or related field. A Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology is required and a year clinical fellowship with a minimum of 400 hours. Some positions may also need a license or certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Many healthcare positions are opening in 2021, these are just 6 high paying healthcare careers check out. Remember to check the requirements, responsibilities, and growth when apply for each position. Some healthcare positions may also substitute specific work experiences; if you have volunteer experience or transferrable skills, be sure to ask.

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