7 Dental assistant C.E credit training courses to check out

7 Dental assistant C.E credit training courses to check out

Are you a dental assistant looking for continuing education(C.E) courses or want to improve your skills this year? Why not try taking an online or hybrid training course?

There are multiple online courses and webinars in 2021 to help you expand your skills, network, and receive C.E credit. 

 Here are 7 dental training courses you can take online to receive C.E in 2021

Work in pediatric dentistry and want to know how to assist patients with anxiety? Here are two dental assistant training courses that might interest you.

1. Anxiety and Special Needs in Pediatric Dentistry

This course focuses on how dental assistants should work with pediatric patients who have anxiety and special needs. The Anxiety and Special Needs in Pediatrics Dentistry course includes materials and articles to expand knowledge and strategies when working with pediatric patients. Participants earn 12 CDE credits upon completion and receiving a passing score of 75% on the 50 question assessment. 

Note: You can receive 20% off the Continuing Dental Education courses by entering the code CDEA20. The offer ends on January 31, 2021.

2. Infant and Child Oral Care: Answers to the Questions That Parents Ask

Want to know what and how to answer anxious guardians’ questions on oral education and more? Check out the Infant and Child Oral Webinar on how to answer questions parents ask during the first infant oral health visit.

In the webinar, you’ll learn what to review with parents and caregivers regarding oral hygiene and diet and how to ease tension and stress during pediatric dental visits.

The webinar is free and offered from May 8, 2019-May 8, 2022. Participants will receive 1 CE credit after passing the C.E quiz at the end of the webinar. 

Note: This Webinar is ONLY for members of the Colgate Oral Health Network (you can become a member for free)

Here are four self-study/paced CE approved online courses that you might be interested in from the American Dental Assistants Association.

3. Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen Sedation: An Update

The Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen Sedation reviews the facts and myths surrounding chronic exposure and minimized contamination, especially during COVID.

The course is $30 for nonmembers and free-for-all members. Participants will receive 2 C.E credits after passing the 50 question assessment at the end of the course. 

4. Instrument Composition, Care and Maintenance 

A dental assistant must know about dental care, including solutions needed to sanitize instruments, maintain dental tools, and minimize infections. The Instrument Composition, Care and Maintenance course are great for dental assistants who want to keep up to date with proper maintenance techniques.

This 2 credit course helps dental assistants identify three advantages: using specific instruments, general procedures for cleaning tools, and more. 

Note: The course costs $30.

5. Introduction to Specialized Dental Software

More than ever, dental offices are switching to telehealth platforms to connect with patients, staff, and other healthcare settings. The Introduction to Specialized Dental Software training course focuses on building dental practices for longevity and improving patient care. The course reviews practice needs for computer systems, compliance and HIPAA standards, and identifying hardware for dental offices.  The course is $30 and a 2 CE credit course. It also provides 

 Check the ADAA e-learning page for more C.E focused dental assistant training courses. The association has courses that assist dental offices with “Going Green,” patient satisfaction, ways to implement new PPE guidelines in your office, and developing approaches or updating medical/dental history forms.

6. Diversity of Culture, Diversity of Thought, and Diversity of Action

Are you a dental assistant looking for free and inclusive webinars, CE credits include? Check out the Colgate Oral Health Network’s,  Diversity of Culture, Diversity of Thought, and Diversity of Action training course on Tuesday, February 2nd at 8 pm (EST). Participants learn about the diversity of culture, recognizing inclusive opportunities in dental care, and reflect on the importance of DEI. 

7. Become that Extraordinary Dental Assistant – Communication Skills

The Become That Extraordinary Dental Assistant Webinar focuses on the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication when connecting with patients and staff.  The webinar also explores different ways to improve patient satisfaction.  The webinar is 1 CE credit. After you complete the video/webinar, you can take the exam and receive your CE credit.

There are more interactive training courses and webinars out there for dental assistants looking for CE credits or learning something new. You can always check out Vivalearning, Dale Foundation, or other dental assistant focused organizations or institutions for information on courses and webinars. 

Are you a dental assistant? Have you taken any of these courses or webinars, or do you have one you think other dental assistants will enjoy?  Share with us in the comment section.

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