8 Best Podcasts for Dentists for 2020

8 Best Podcasts for Dentists for 2020

Dentists may be very busy, but that doesn’t stop some of them from producing incredibly useful content for other dentistry professionals. With podcasts spiking in popularity in recent years, some dentists have begun producing fresh talk shows on a regular basis.

Despite the name podcast being derived from the classic iPod, you don’t need an iPod or even a smartphone to listen to podcasts. They can be enjoyed from your computer or any device that can download audio files.

Popular topics range from general industry trends to self-care for medical professionals, and podcasts often deliver this content with the help of industry experts. Check out these eight podcasts to get useful tips and commentary for your life as a dentist.

1. Delivering WOW

Industry veterans or dentists with their own practice will love this podcast. The focus is more on business growth and management but is still specifically tailored to dentists. The topics range from marketing to dealing with struggling team members.

New episodes are released every week or two, and there are currently 159 episodes online. Blog articles are also posted weekly.

2. The Thriving Dentist

Although this podcast also focuses on business and marketing, it also talks about happiness and leadership. The host, Gary Takac, is also frequently hosted on other podcasts thanks to his fantastic personality and wealth of knowledge.

Although the show is no longer updating regularly, there are over 400 episodes online. The average episode is an hour-long, so they’re perfect for dentists with long commutes! Topics vary greatly, so there’s enough professional and financial knowledge in these episodes for veterans and rookies.

3. The Dental Hacks

The co-hosts of this podcast don’t shy away from controversial topics or irreverent humor, but the resulting chats are entertaining and informative. The honest and open discussions are a real breath of fresh air, especially after spending all day in a professional setting.

Episodes range from 15 minutes to an hour in length, so some can be finished in a single commute. There’s also a spin-off podcast, The Clinical Hacks, with different hosts but the same general format. The two podcasts currently total over 300 episodes, and their site also includes other articles from the hosts.

4. Dentistry Uncensored

Since most of this podcast focuses on industry innovations and medical standards, it’s an excellent podcast for all dental professionals. It offers frank discussion on everything from implants to periodontal disease, with occasional episodes focusing on business and management.

This long-running show has over 1,300 episodes and updates almost daily. Since each episode has a fresh special guest, it’s well worth combing through the archives to see if there are any familiar names or faces.

5. Mommy Dentists in Business

Chicago-based Dr. Grace Yum hosts this podcast that’s full of industry commentary and lifestyle advice for busy moms. She is certified in pediatrics, so her insight is valuable even for dentists who aren’t parents. Her show’s guests lists include everyone from skincare experts to CEOs, so there’s always a fresh take that’s relevant to your life outside of work.

There are 86 episodes so far, and new episodes are posted weekly. Most episodes are just over 30 minutes in length.

6. The Millennial Dentist

This podcast is full of content that can help new and veteran dentists. The co-hosts bring on a wide range of experts who talk about everything from industry innovations to using social media to grow your practice.

There are currently 91 episodes, typically running between 40 and 60 minutes each. New episodes are posted irregularly, but there’s plenty of content to dive into while you’re waiting. The show has only been running since February 2017, so even the older episodes are up to date.

7. T-Bone Speaks

As the name implies, this podcast is down-to-earth and full of advice. There’s plenty of humor mixed in with the meaningful analysis and heartfelt anecdotes about life as a dentist. Although the show is a little more personal than most other podcasts, it’s still full of relevant business information and tips.

Since July 2016, 169 episodes have been released, and new episodes are released weekly. Episodes vary from 30 minutes to over an hour in length.

8. The Dentist Money Show Podcast

This show exclusively focuses on finance and business, and it’s a gold mine of information for dentists regardless of whether or not they manage their own practice. Episodes cover everything from retirement planning to managing a team, so other medical professionals will find content that is relevant to them too.

There are currently 214 episodes, with most episodes over 40 minutes in length. New content is posted weekly, and you can even watch each episode in video form on their website.

How to Stay Up to Date

All of the podcasts allow users to subscribe to new episodes. Following a podcast on Facebook or Twitter is one way to stay up-to-date, or smartphone users can use a range of apps to receive notifications for new content.

Either way, make sure to listen to as much industry-specific content as possible to stay current on the latest trends in dentistry. Dental innovations, finance, marketing, management, and other topics aren’t static, and new best practices are being discovered and discussed all the time. Make the most of your commute to the office with a new dental podcast every day.

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