Best TikTok: NYC Healthcare Workers Edition

Best TikTok: NYC Healthcare Workers Edition

Being a healthcare worker in NYC is a unique experience. However, finding healthcare workers who live in NYC on social media might be a challenge. No need to browse through the 800 million users on TikTok. Check out these healthcare workers who all live and work in NYC:

Best TikTok to Follow for Nurses: @allthingsnursing

Nurse Tish is a NYC registered nurse who provides the inside scoop on her career. Her videos focus on sharing information about the realities of nursing. This includes talking about the pros and cons of the career. Aspiring nurses will appreciate her sneak peak video on how much she gets paid as a NYC nurse.

You can also follow Nurse Tish on YouTube where she posts extended versions of her TikTok videos. Her latest video on the COVID-19 pandemic in NYC is heartfelt and transparent.

Best TikTok to Follow for Aspiring Doctors: @realdrschulman

Dr. Matthew Schulman is a NYC based plastic surgeon with over 340K followers on TikTok. What helps his popularity is how engaged he is with his audience. He often responds to his followers by answering their questions by posting new videos and tagging them in it. Also, by showing videos of where he works and clips from surgeries, his followers always have a reason to tune in to his account. Check out this TikTok where he explains how to insert an implant!

If you’re looking for more of his content, check out his instagram that has over 100K followers and his YouTube channel. If you’re interested in seeing a live surgery, you might want to directly head over to this video.


Dr.Mike is a NYC based family medicine doctor who enjoys a good laugh. Recently, Dr.Mike has started posting videos on “Doctor VS Meme” where he reviews funny memes and either confirms or rejects what they are saying. Check out his latests:

His TikTok is also filled with precious videos of his beautiful Newfoundland dog which he lovingly refers to as “bear”.


Not to worry my little bear pup, dads out there battling misinformation as we speak! Check out my YouTube channel for #coronavirus updates!

♬ Don’t Worry Be Happy – Reggae Allstars

You can also follow Dr.Mike on his instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel. Dr.Mike tends to share more personal information about his life on instagram, while his YouTube channel is more focused on education.

Best TikTok to Follow for Healthy Eating Tips: @veggiesandchocolate

Sammi Brondo is a registered dietician living and practicing in NYC. Her videos are well loved due to her gentle, yet firm approach to healthy eating. Check out her video where she encourages people to enjoy their cravings:

She doesn’t encourage her followers to give up sweets or obsess over their nutritional intake. Her focus is on intuitive eating and finding food freedom.

On occasion, Sammi Brondo will share what she eats and the products she uses.

Let us know what you think about this list. Are we missing anyone? Are you going to follow any of these healthcare workers? You might want to explore these other TikTok videos that will not only keep you entertained, but might teach you something as well.


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Kristie is an occupational therapist, mental health advocate, and amateur urban farmer. Her experience with taking care of others in the healthcare setting and taking care of the land are both important pieces that make up who she is. As a life-long learner and creative, she hopes to create content that is centered around wellness and healing.

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