7 Discounts for Nurses All Year Round

7 Discounts for Nurses All Year Round

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, countless companies have offered free and discounted products and services to nurses and other medical health professionals. In doing so, they hoped to show their appreciation for all the frontline workers who are risking their lives every day.

Although COVID continues to impact our daily lives, these freebies and deals may expire soon. However, there have been a number of companies that have supported healthcare workers through discounts prior to COVID-19.

Check out these awesome discounts for nurses don’t seem to be going anywhere soon!


Reebok generously offers 50% off to all medical, hospital, and first responders. They specifically have a “nurses shoes” section on their website with comfortable and cute kicks just like these.


Nike offers a 10% discount to all medical professionals year-round. However, as of recently, they have increased their discount to 20% for a limited time. Check it out here. Besides comfortable and stylish sneakers, Nike sells a variety of accessories that can come in handy for a nurse.

Their headbands can be used to keep hair away and protected. They also sell backpacks with multiple compartments and decent space which is perfect if you’re carrying an extra set of clothes with you to work.

Primal Wear

Check out Primal Wear offers comfortable and stylish outdoor wear. Luckily, medical responders get a 50% discount on their products! Check out this great deal here.

Nature’s Gift

Incorporating essential oils into your daily or weekly routine can impact your mood. If you’re suffering from pain or headaches (maybe due to work burnout) you might be interested in their headache relief and pain relief kit. Nature’s Gift offers a 10% discount on their aromatherapy products. Learn more about this deal here.

Nurses USA

Who doesn’t love watching movies? If you’re a member of NursesUSA, you’re eligible to receive up to 40% off movie theatre tickets. There are some really great theaters mentioned including AMC Theaters and Regal Cinemas.

Westgate Resorts

Some of the best discounts for nurses are ones that allow you to de-stress from the job. If you’re thinking about going on vacation sometime soon, you’ll probably need to book a hotel. Westgate Resorts offers 10% off your stay when you use their discount code NURSE10. They have resorts in various states including Utah, Florida, Tennessee, and more.


We know your sleep is important. Banquil offers “innovative sleep accessories” that you will love. Nurses might be particularly drawn to their at-home massagers. Their cordless neck massager is perfect for the nurse who has neck pain from documenting all day.

On the other hand, their foot massager is ideal for those who have sore feet from walking and standing for an entire shift. Their weight blanket is a hot product to check out, too. Weighted blankets provide slight pressure which feels similar to a hug. This product is ideal for the nurse who struggles to fall asleep or is dealing with anxiety before bed. All these products are available to you with a 25% discount on all their regularly priced items.

Have you checked out these discounts before? Let us know your experience in the comments below.


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