Discover a new nurse college career for 2020

Discover a new nurse college career for 2020

Surely at some point throughout your nurse college career, you have wondered where you would end up working. As if the place where you most wanted to work at the beginning would be your final destination

Since its beginning, Nursing career opportunities have been many and varied. However, in previous years when a nurse finished their career, they had to be on top of everything and they had to be prepared to know all that they were asked.

Nowadays, although this idea still exists in the workplace, the health system has changed drastically. Mostly because of the approach of a new society, which requires a competent nurse, ready to perform in the highest professional level. Moreover, there has been a transformation in the vision of career opportunities.

The health field is the path that most nurses choose to develop their careers. In this case, they can exercise their professional work in:

Primary and specialized care

The functions of the nursing professionals in Primary Care are aligned with the functions of the PA Teams.

The functions range from Direct Attention in the center and domicile, both on-demand consultation, concerted consultation or in urgent care; Group Health Education; case management; training, research or management, and organization.

In primary and specialized care (hospitals), in a public or private company. This area includes non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Within the health area, there are different outlets depending on the specialization we choose and our personal interest. We can find professionals of geriatric, mental, pediatric, gynecological (midwifery) Nursing, etc.

Prison Nursing

There are also other sectors within the health field, prison nurses who are a cast of professionals whose work center is located among prisoners. In prisons, they assist all inmates. They provide healthy habits among the prison community, in a generalized way or by particularizing for diseases: diabetes, AIDS, etc.
The roles of nursing professionals in PCs can be framed in 2 types. On one hand, health care is primarily Primary Care. On many occasions, patients with HIV, hepatitis C, tuberculosis, mental health, and drug dependence programs must also be assisted, as well as emergency care.
Another function is to treat chronic diseases.

On the other hand, they also have management functions of medical-legal, judicial, regimental and organizational aspects. But basically the Nursing functions reflected in the LOPS are assistance, teaching, research, and management.

Military nursing

You can also choose to be a military nurse, who dedicate all their professionalism and work to the assistance of civil and military patients. Both in full struggle and in hospitals dedicated exclusively to them. These nurses assist patients and provide all necessary care so people who participate actively in war or on humanitarian missions do not feel the emotional imbalance that war brings.

School nursing

School nurses play a fundamental role in schools’ health education. Not only assisting students and teachers in any of their health complications they may have but also providing Health Education to the professor community. From a point in view of the acquisition of healthy habits in the school, such as food, hygiene habits, etc.
Specifically, a school nurse serves the educational centers as a support unit for the total development of programs that improve the lifestyles of the school population.

It assumes a triple function: assistance of health promotion, prevention of diseases and risk behaviors through Health Education Programs focused on food, body and environmental hygiene. Also, accident prevention, first aid, sexuality, tobacco consumption, and other drugs; and encouraging self-care in health issues.
Currently, care for dependents is developing a business framework. Both in the public and private spheres, where the care offered by nurses occupies an important space. This type of nursing care would be part of the socio-health field. Nursing homes need nursing professionals given the increase in sick older people or with chronic health conditions that require care. regardless of whether they are autonomous to a greater or lesser extent or not.

Other professional opportunities where the presence of nurses is increasing are:

The number of graduates who show interest in the completion of the doctorate is increasing. Since they will be able to research and develop research studies in order to improve nursing techniques and processes.

Administration and management:

If you are interested in the possibility of changing your nurse college career by administering and directing a hospital, counseling, ministry, etc. you must complete Nursing studies in management and administration.

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