FREE COVID-19 Training Courses and other resources for healthcare front-liners.

FREE COVID-19 Training Courses and other resources for healthcare front-liners.

These free COVID-19 training courses will provide great information and professional advice, so you will be better prepared and constantly updating your knowledge to protect yourself and help others.

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals around the world are facing countless challenges every day while they are fighting against the COVID-19. They are working in stressful and frightening work environments. Sometimes they have to face settings that are under-protected and make themselves vulnerable to infection.

This week we want to share some important information about some great FREE COVID-19 Training courses, webinars, and groups that can help you or someone you know in the healthcare industry that is part of the front-liners group.

Mechanical Ventilation for COVID-19

Given the increasing number of patients contracting COVID-19 and developing pneumonia, the medical system is, and will continue to be, in dire need of licensed medical professionals who can support the care for these patients.

Harvard University in partnership with the educational platform EDX (an open online course provider) is offering this free course for non-intensive care healthcare professionals to learn more mechanical ventilation.

 It will help these professionals better understand the basic concepts of mechanical ventilation and care for the patient receiving mechanical ventilation.

PRO TIP: Medical professionals who complete the course and pass a brief quiz can claim up to three continuing education credit hours.

Eligible learners can claim three AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ (physicians), nursing CEU credits, or a certificate of attendance for allied health professionals and other learners. 

Learn more here

American Nurses Association

American Nurses Association Webinar Series: This first on-demand webinar focuses on the current PPE guidelines for supply optimization and how to maintain personnel safety during COVID-19

The program covers:

  • Current epidemiology of COVID-19 including modes of transmission
  • How to implement critical infection control standards to minimize spread and maintain healthcare worker protection
  • Best practice recommendations for optimal protection while maximizing a limited supply of PPE during time of patient surge

More information and Registration here

New York State Nurses Association

COVID Action Team: Getting Started. Learn how NYSNA members are setting up COVID Action Teams to get resources and information to nurses on their unit and organize with staff and leaders around critical COVID-19 issues.

More information here

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

  • Quick and convenient pocket cards with the latest clinical information that might be useful when caring for COVID-19 patients

More information here

  • COVID-19 Pulmonary, ARDS and Ventilator Resources

COVID-19 Pulmonary, ARDS and Ventilator Resources” is an online course available 24/7 featuring the latest information nurses need to provide care for those with COVID-19.

Learners are immersed in real-world ICU scenarios, while interactive elements encourage the development of safe and effective practices.

More information here

Other groups/resources you might find helpful:

Resilience Groups for Nurses

NurseGroups is a not-for-profit emotional wellness initiative. We do not offer licensed mental health services. If you are in crisis, call 9-1-1 immediately for assistance.

NurseGroups is free, confidential, and for nurses only.

These group activities will consist of a blend of mindfulness practices, sharing/processing sessions, and emotional skill-building.

More info here

American Nurses Association

The American Nurses Association has created a Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses to enable the public to support and thank nurses. The national fund will address the identified, emerging needs of nurses and will focus on:

  • Providing direct financial assistance to nurses (RNS SEE ELIGIBILITY HERE)
  • Supporting the mental health of nurses – today and in the future
  • Ensuring nurses everywhere have access to the latest science-based information to protect themselves, prevent infection, and care for those in need
  • Driving the national advocacy focused on nurses and patients.

More info here

The wrap up

Thank you for the sacrifices you make, every day and especially during this pandemic. Your dedication, commitment, and courage deserve our deepest gratitude and admiration. Your service to patients is saving countless lives and making thousands of differences.

Are you interested in FREE stuff (Food, travel, and others) for healthcare frot-liners? Visit this link to learn more.


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