How are NYC Hospitals Fighting COVID-19?

How are NYC Hospitals Fighting COVID-19?

Fighting COVID-19 takes a lot of dedication and persistence. These NYC hospitals are working hard to not only treat patients who have COVID-19 but to prevent the spread and keep their employees safe. These latest approaches are not only creative but demonstrate the extent that NYC hospitals will take to fight COVID-19.

NYU Langone Health

How is NYU Fighting COVID-19?

The genetic code, also known as the code’s sequence, for the 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) virus has been determined by a team of NYU researchers. This was possible due to a collection of viral samples from patients who had COVID-19.

Why is this important?

The genetic code or sequence of a virus allows researchers to “monitor the spread and severity of the disease.” Therefore, researchers can plug this information into a map to determine where in the world the virus is present and the transmission of the virus. This information helps researchers and scientists because they are better able to determine what treatment approaches are working.

Read more about their findings here.

NYC Health+Hospitals

How is NYC Health+Hospitals Fighting COVID-19?

NYC Health + Hospitals have launched a “COVID-19 Text Message-Based Symptom Monitoring Program.” This program allows patients who show COVID-19 symptoms to assess their symptoms every 12-24 hours through text message. If symptoms appear to become worse, someone from NYC Health+Hospitals will call the patient to follow up.

Why is this Important?

NYC Health+Hospitals recognizes that many people with COVID-19 symptoms may not need to stay in a hospital to recover. Due to limited hospital beds and staff, it is important that those who can heal at home do so. Therefore, if a patient is discharged from an emergency room who is showing symptoms, they can enroll in this program. This program has the potential to free up hospital space while still having an efficient way to monitor patients who are home.

Read more about this program here.

New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Irving Medical Center

How is New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Irving Medical Center Fighting COVID-19?

Physicians from both medical facilities have collaborated with Columbia University’s engineering department to help fight COVID-19. Together, they created a face shield that protects healthcare workers from the virus.

Why is This Important?

Protecting healthcare workers is a priority for both medical facilities. Thousands of shields are made daily and offer ultimate protection because they protect against coughing and sneezing. The fact that the shields are disposable is a huge plus, too.

Read more about the collaboration here.

Mount Sinai Health System

How is Mount Sinai Health System Fighting COVID-19?

The Mount Sinai Health System is using stem cell therapy for patients who have respiratory distress syndrome due to COVID-19. Patients were able to receive this type of therapy due to the “Food and Drug Administration’s compassionate use program which allows patients with an immediately life-threatening condition to gain access to an investigational therapy.” As reported in the article, the next step appears to be a randomized clinical trial where this therapy can be analyzed further.

Why is This Important?

As reported in the article, doctors are seeing positive results from stem cell therapy. Mount Sinai will continue to explore this type of therapy and evaluate its effects on more patients who have acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). This is important because ARDS can cause low blood oxygen levels and can be a life-threatening condition.

Read more about stem cell therapy at Mount Sinai Health System here.

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