How to quit your job without looking bad with your boss

How to quit your job without looking bad with your boss

If you are thinking about how to quit your job, you will have realized that making the decision is not easy because there are many emotions involved, and many times we do not know how to give the announcement.

It is true that quitting a job is an experience. It allows you to leave the past and face new professional and work horizons for your life.

It’s not about ordering our things, putting on our sack and throwing the door out.

On the contrary, it is necessary that when leaving a company or workplace, it is in a respectful, peaceful and, above all, with an attitude of gratitude to maintain labor references and leave a good impression.

However, simply thinking about how to quit a job can cause us a lot of anxiety, especially if we have never done it before.

Maybe you feel bad about making the company go through a new hiring period or it is a small company and you feel that your departure will affect them.

Or maybe you want to quit because your boss has a bad temper and you don’t know how he will react when you tell him.

Anyway, quitting a job can be compared to ending a relationship.

You can end up in a bad way by cutting all kinds of links and leaving a bad experience, or you can end well by showing that you are someone respectful.

Have you been thinking for a while about quitting? Do you want to know how to leave your job in a professional manner, maintaining a positive relationship with your employers?

Here I teach you to successfully face the resignation process.

Think about the best time to quit

When you quit a job, there won’t always be a better time. It is not the same to resign for a better employment option, to resign because you do not feel good about the work environment or the job itself.

Although we can’t stand the boss or that annoying companion that makes us want to leave as soon as possible; When contemplating the complete panorama of the situation, the decision to leave always becomes difficult.

It is not as simple as it seems. It is important to analyze all aspects very well so as not to risk rushing and making the decision to resign at the wrong time or for the wrong reasons.

Pay close attention to these signs that will help you identify the reasons and the right time to quit and start again.

1. You can’t stand your boss

In every job, there are two types of people in charge: bad bosses and leaders. The former can make your day to day at work a real nightmare.

If you have already tried many ways to win over your boss and adapt to his working conditions, but you have not been successful; it’s time to consider stepping aside and looking for a better job. No one deserves to endure bad treatment or toxic people.

2. You feel that your work is not valued

When you do a good job, it is proper that they recognize you for it and value your effort to motivate you to go for more. If the company where you work does not appreciate your constant merits, talk to your boss.

Show him the results you have achieved and make him see that you really appreciate your work.

If your boss doesn’t know what it is to motivate his staff for the best performance of the company, it’s time for you to start looking for a company that does value your talents. Most companies have an incentive program to motivate their workers.

3. You have a better job offer

Why not? Many times we hesitate to leave a comfortable job, and when we are presented with better job opportunities, we do not see them.

This would be the best time for you to resign because you know that you have a good job offer where you can continue developing your professional skills.

A good job offer is a valid reason to leave your current position. Evaluate whether this change is profitable for you professionally, economically and in your quality of life.

Leave leaving a good impression

Be professional and don’t do improper things on your last day of work. The first impression counts, but the last also. With your boss’s permission, take the time to say goodbye to your colleagues if you wish.

Maintaining good relationships with your boss and your colleagues is the best thing you can do if you have not had any problems with them. You never know if these contacts will help you in the future.

If your personal relationships at work have not been very good, now that you are leaving the company it is not time to be negative and impolite.

Do not take private company information, or post improper things about the company or any other unprofessional behavior. Just like having good contacts helps you in the future, looking bad may also ruin you in the future.

Thank your boss and colleagues

It is always important to leave our job giving thanks, regardless of the positive or negative things you have experienced in the company, you will have learned a couple of things that will serve you throughout your career.

Thank your boss for working time in the company and for being there for you, after all, you take something valuable from it, be it some skill obtained or job references.

Also, thank your colleagues for supporting you and making your stay at the company better. If for some reason you cannot do it in person, send a group email expressing your gratitude and leaving your contact information in case someone needs you.

Building gratitude in your team is something your boss will also appreciate.

The wrap-up

A process of transition from one job to another is something that you may have to experience several times throughout your career. It is good to know how to quit a job without looking bad and maintaining a positive relationship with others.

For me, the most important thing you can take from a job is the contacts you have made.

You never know who will cross your path later or who you might need in the future. A resignation helps you demonstrate your reputation and work ethic.

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