How to write Job Descriptions in healthcare to attract millennials

How to write Job Descriptions in healthcare to attract millennials

Born between the 1980s and the early 2000s, millennials now represent the majority of young people who have entered or are about to enter the job market. They are highly educated, open to all technologies, and accustomed to being connected anywhere, anytime.

In US, by 2025, they will constitute the main workforce, making their recruitment a priority for managers across all sectors.

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For the medical field and related activities, millennials represent a significant human resource. HR teams must focus their attention on this generation both now and in the future.

Globally, there are several characteristics of this generation that employers must consider to attract them to vacant positions in their companies. Well-educated and easily adaptable to innovation, millennials are likely to seek opportunities beyond their home countries for career advancement.

They have high expectations from employers and view work with a lot of responsibility, as career development is one of the most important aspects of their lives, alongside family and leisure time. They also value having their voices heard and appreciate bidirectional feedback, from company to employee and vice versa.

If you’re part of an HR team in a medical facility and want to recruit competent, energetic millennials, consider these strategies:

  • Write Clear Titles: On a dynamic job market filled with opportunities, job titles can often be confusing. Ensure your job titles are clear and concise. Millennials won’t stop at the first job they find; draw their attention with the right description to avoid disillusionment.
  • Create Relevant and Attractive Descriptions: Beyond the title, take the job description seriously. It should include three equally important parts: company description, job description, and responsibilities. Show the impact they will have in the company, how their work will contribute to patient care, and future development opportunities.
  • Emphasize Skills Over Experience: Many millennials may have less than 10 years of experience, especially in fields requiring extended education. Focus on competencies rather than accumulated experience.
  • Be Transparent About the Recruitment Process: Be clear about the recruitment stages and what each involves. This transparency reduces stress and sets clear expectations.
  • Describe the Team and Company Achievements: Highlight your team’s specializations and the company’s achievements. This will attract enthusiastic young professionals eager to learn from experienced colleagues.
  • Adopt a Relaxed, Friendly Tone: Many job postings use a formal tone that fails to convey the work environment or company culture effectively. Millennials appreciate seeing that employers care about employee well-being and a positive work atmosphere.
  • Choose a Relevant or Customized Image: If possible, attach an authentic image of your medical facility or team to give potential applicants a sense of the work environment.
  • Avoid Posting ‘3-in-1’ Jobs: Millennials value clear role definitions and will be deterred by postings that seem to bundle too many responsibilities into one job, especially if the salary does not match the scope of work.
  • Be Original: Differentiate your postings with unique details, whether it’s a clinic photo, a more casual tone, or highlighting team achievements.

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Recruiting the right people for HR teams is challenging, and the pressure is even higher when it’s a constant need. As an HR specialist, it’s crucial to hire individuals who are not only competent but also align with the company’s values and can quickly adapt to the work environment and conditions.

When it comes to millennials, meeting their expectations requires extra effort due to their seriousness, determination, openness to technology, and adaptability. Write job descriptions that effectively attract millennials who will make a difference in your team.

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