Instagram Accounts for Healthcare Professionals That are Trending Right Now

Instagram Accounts for Healthcare Professionals That are Trending Right Now

Follow these Instagram accounts for healthcare professionals. You will find fresh content and up-to-date information for healthcare professionals.

Instagram isn’t the most obvious place to look for medical industry insights and advice. However, there are plenty of seasoned doctors and medical organizations that post timely, accurate tips and information. Infographics, how-tos, lifestyle tips, and memes are all in abundance. Plus, Instagram is easy to use, so it’s not just for tech-savvy social butterflies anymore.

For medical information, you’ll only want to turn to trusted sources. Not everyone on Instagram backs their claims up with up-to-date research and established best practices. Fortunately, many do and add plenty of charisma and humor to their account to make things more fun. Here’s our list of the best Instagram accounts for medical professionals.

Instagram accounts for healthcare professionals

MEDIJobs USA (@medijobsusa)

Our Instagram page has daily updates in the feed with industry information and tips related to health, job search, and career advice. Even if you’re already settled into your career, you might find new job options or career paths. There are plenty of tips and helpful statistics for medical professionals in all specialties,

U.S. Surgeon General (@u.s.surgeongeneral)

The current Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome M. Adams, uses his official Instagram account to post updates from his office. His posts include important public health reminders and infographics. Occasionally, he posts motivational messages or anecdotes from his life.

The Food Medic (@thefoodmedic)

Residents, nurses, and physicians sometimes struggle to find time to eat healthy food. The Food Medic has tons of healthy, packable lunch ideas and more. Dr. Hazel Wallace works hard to debunk common myths about dieting and nutrition. She also posts video recipes so you can learn how to cook much more easily.

Wendy Sue (@drwendysueswanson)

Dr. Swanson shares the latest in medical research, with a close focus on pediatrics and prevention. She offers tips for parents on how to manage kids’ screen time, driving habits, and other aspects of life. She also posts more lighthearted updates, including photographs of her dog.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (@CDCGOV)

The CDC is an authority on health matters in the United States, especially regarding infectious diseases. They have set up Instagram to communicate with the general public, but their posts can also be helpful reminders for medical professionals. 

Scrubs Magazine (@scrubsmag)

Scrubs Magazine provides health-related news updates and occasional humor posts in their Instagram feed. They also have a full news site with in-depth information on current health issues. Their site covers healthcare from a broad perspective, so it’s relevant to all medical professionals regardless of specialization.

NHCPS (@nhcps)

NHCPS offers certification in CPR, ACLS, PALS, and BLS. This account has mostly nursing-related memes and information, but many of them are still relevant to physicians and other healthcare professionals. They sometimes also post promotional information that can get you a discount on recertification.

Myron Rolle (@myronlrolle)

As a former professional football player, Myron Rolle has a lot of insight into hard work. Now, as a Rhodes Scholar and resident in neurosurgery at Harvard, he posts tons of wholesome content on his Instagram. He’s a great person to follow for motivation and inspiration.

Seattle Children’s (@seattlechildrens)

For more wholesome content, check out Seattle Children’s Hospital. Their Instagram is almost entirely patient success stories and happy anecdotes. Even if you don’t work in pediatrics, the children’s smiles are overwhelmingly heartwarming.

St. Jude (@stjude)

St. Jude is famous across the country, but there are always fresh faces on their Instagram. Like Seattle Children’s Hospital, St. Jude posts plenty of inspiring success stories and patient photos. St. Jude’s posts also have surprise celebrity appearances, so don’t miss out.

Katie Duke (@thekatieduke)

Katie Duke is a nurse practitioner and motivational speaker who doesn’t shy away from discussing the tough parts of nursing. She encourages others to be honest about their struggles and to never hide behind a fake veneer of positivity. Her account is a breath of fresh air, especially since Instagram can sometimes only show people’s life highlights.

Shanny (@shanny_do)

As a gastroenterology fellow, Shanny knows all about digestive issues. Her Instagram is a helpful mix of food posts, motivational posts, and information about the digestive system. Her friendly and clear tone makes her a great account to follow.

Kaiser Family Foundation (@kaiserfamilyfoundation)

This account almost exclusively posts infographics and healthcare-related statistics. Topics range from drug abuse statistics to Medicare and Medicaid. Although most of the information focuses on health insurance access and health policy, it’s helpful information for all medical professionals.

Mayo Clinic (@MayoClinic)

The Mayo Clinic facilities are at the forefront of research and medical communication. Their Instagram posts include inspiring bits of wisdom and motivation from staff, plus ample knowledge covering a range of medical conditions. Much of their knowledge is tailored to the general public, but medical professionals can still find it useful.

New to Instagram?

If you don’t have an Instagram yet, make one to follow all these accounts. Connect an existing Facebook account, or use your email to sign up. While you don’t have to have an account to view most Instagram posts, it makes it a lot easier to see new posts.

Even if you’re new to social media, you’ll find Instagram accounts for Healthcare Professionals worth reading or following on Instagram.


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