Are you going to nursing school? Want to become a registered nurse, but aren’t sure what type of nurse you would like to be after you finish your studies? Here’s a list with some of the subdomains you can choose from:

Medical assistant dermatology-medical office.

  • Prepare patient’s medical records for the doctor, before the consultation and take care of the medical records/documents.
  • Participate in consultation and treatments.
  • Provide medical services that respect the principle of gender equality, non-discrimination as well as ensure doctor/patient confidentiality privileges.
  • Sterilize medical instruments.
  • Collect and preserve samples of biological material.
  • Comply with internal office policy.

Pulmonary care nurse

  • Perform activity responsibly according to professional regulations and the job requirements.
  • Take care of newly accepted patient with his/her family (depending on situation)
  • You take care of the patient when he is hospitalized; sometimes, you also have to take care of the patient’s companion
  • Administer first aid when necessary and call the doctor
  • Present the patient to the examining physician and inform him/her about the patient conditions throughout the hospitalization.
  • Observe and record patient’s symptoms evolution in the medical records to inform the doctor.
  • Prepare the patient for medical procedures, treatment and investigations.
  • Prepare the patient for special investigations, organize the patient’s transport and if necessary monitor his condition during the transport.
  • Harvest biological samples for laboratory examinations by following the doctor’s prescriptions.
  • Administer the medication personally, perform the treatments, immunizations, biological tests, etc.
  • Prepare patients for hospital discharge.
  • Maintain provided equipment in good condition.
  • Supervise the medical instruments used for biological sample collection and make sure the medical instruments are stored properly.
  • Observe the regulations in force regarding the prevention and control of nosocomial infections.
  • Investigate the type of infection and the pathogen together with doctor.
  • Supervise and coordinate the activities of the subordinate staff.

Medical assistant in diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases.Medical assistant in diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases.

  • Assist doctor during medical consultations.
  • Prepare patient record before the examination and maintain doctor/patient confidentiality.
  • Provide first aid procedures in case of emergency.
  • Communicate patient’s request to doctors.
  • Assist the doctor with patients metabolism investigations.
  • Track patient food journal 

    This article is the first of a series about the medical subdomains in which a nurse can work. We will continue the series with several examples of sub-domains, with an emphasis on responsibilities.

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