Part 2 | Join the Mask Force: Get Masks to Front-of-the-Line Healthcare Workers

Part 2 | Join the Mask Force:  Get Masks to Front-of-the-Line Healthcare Workers

This is the second part of the article to read the first part go here:

Part 1 | Join the Mask Force: Get Masks to Front-of-the-Line Healthcare Workers

Help get masks to front-of-the-line healthcare workers: 

Make Calls 

Call around to the following types of businesses to see if they are willing to donate their masks. If they aren’t willing to donate, ask them how much they would be willing to sell them for. Remember, they had to pay for them at some point, and most businesses are already hemorrhaging money not being open. When you get donations or a company willing to sell them (located in the US). You can visit one of the many groups that are working on getting masks to the front of the line healthcare workers below. 

Places to call: 

  • Med Spas 
  • Physician Offices 
  • Nail Salons 
  • Construction Companies 
  • Veterinarians 
  • Dentists 

Secure Funding

As covered above, hospitals are used to Net 30,60,90 day terms. International manufacturers require payment upfront before the product ships. The best way around this solution is to secure funding through donations, a loan from larger organizations, or by using a Factoring Company.

Factoring Companies

factoring company specializes in financing invoices from businesses that have cash flow problems due to slow-paying customers. Factors don’t lend money. Instead, they purchase the accounts receivable from their clients at a small discount. If you know of factoring companies or hospitals needing funding, you can help bridge this gap by connecting the two together.

Know What You’re Buying 

If you’re considering purchasing masks from websites such as or alternative mask suppliers, you’ll want to make sure you use the information above to make an informed purchasing decision. Masks/respirators that don’t meet the above criteria are being accepted, but they are not what healthcare workers need to be fully protected. It is not a long-term solution. Remember, the only long term solution where they are entirely protected is by using the N95 masks that are NIOSH approved, are FDA compliant. 

GoFundme Campaigns 

There are countless GoFundme campaigns focused on raising funds and working with manufacturers and hospitals to get masks to front-of-the-line-healthcare-workers. However, many of the masks being purchased with the donations are fraudulent N95 masks (not intentional), or they are KN95 masks – thus not solving the overall issue. 


Why start from scratch when organizations are already forming to help solve the problem? Below we’ve compiled a list of great campaigns coming together.

Purchase Directly 

If you’re looking to purchase masks directly to send to healthcare workers, please do your due diligence by using the links and instructions above to determine if the product you’re buying is the right type of mask and that it will help the healthcare worker. As always, anything is better than nothing,

Sew Masks 

If you can’t get your hands on the above, healthcare workers all over the United States are happy to take hand-sewn masks during this state of emergency. JOANN Fabric Store recently announced that they are now offering free pre-cut fabric at their locations as their way to contribute. They also have the mask patterns on their website for those that already have the materials and would like to make them on their own. 

Have you found another alternative? Have additional ideas on how to contribute? Let us know your thoughts on how to get masks to front-of-the-line healthcare workers in the comments below. 

*Disclaimer: This is not legal or medical advice. Consult your physician or legal counsel before making decisions related to your health. This article is written to inform the general public and is considered to be an opinion. 

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