Quiz: Only a Dental Hygienists Can Get 10 out of 10

Quiz: Only a Dental Hygienists Can Get 10 out of 10

Try this dental hygienists quiz to test your knowledge!

How well do you understand the role of a dental hygienist? Dental hygienists play a very important role in healthcare but are often misunderstood. Compared to other healthcare professions, the number of dental hygienists working is small.

In 2018, there were almost 220,000 dental hygienists working in the United States, compared to the 3 plus million registered nurses. Regardless of the profession’s size, the number of jobs in the field is anticipated to grow much faster than the average. With a median salary that is over $75,000 a year, dental hygienists have a lot going for them.

It is worth learning more about this career in order to expand your knowledge of different healthcare professionals and possibly even spark interest in a career!

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Try this quiz to see where you are in your knowledge about dental hygienists!

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Quiz: Only a Dental Hygienists Can Get 10 out of 10

Try this quiz to see where you are in your knowledge about dental hygienists!

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1. Dental hygienists are responsible for educating patients on taking care of their teeth. This might include how to brush and floss properly.

2 / 10

2. On average, it takes about 2 years of training to become a dental hygienist

3 / 10

3. Each state has their own laws regarding what a dental hygienist can do

4 / 10

4. Who was the first person to be trained as a dental hygienist?

5 / 10

5. What is one of the most common tools that dental hygienists use?

6 / 10

6. In what year did the American Dental Association change its standards which allowed men to become dental hygienists?

7 / 10

7. What month is considered to be Oral Health Month?

8 / 10

8. All dental hygienists can administer local anesthesia

9 / 10

9. Dental hygienist are susceptible to injuries due to

10 / 10

10. A dental hygienist will apply the following to protect a patient’s teeth

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The average score is 75%


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Are you a dental hygienist who loves their job? Tell us why in the comments and share your story!


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