Seven Disruptive Healthcare Products at CES 2020

Seven Disruptive Healthcare Products at CES 2020

The future of healthcare is in preventative wearables. These disruptive healthcare products at CES 2020 are giving us all the tools and inspiration we need for a connected, healthier future in 2020 and beyond. 


Transform almost any watch or bracelet into a SMART device to help monitor and increase your wellbeing. The MoNoA device measures your stress with the app based on GSR, body temperature and movement measurement.

What are the consequences of stress within your company? Which impact does stress create on productivity and absenteeism? How can you prevent burnout within your organization?

Through objective data, MoNoA provides you with the answers to all your questions about your stress levels and how to balance your stress at home and in your workplace. Need additional support? They have virtual and personal coaching. 


Dubbed as the “healing mirror”, Healium is shifting the narrative playing in your head. Healium’s apps allow users to see their feelings and heal virtual worlds by using VR while monitoring brain waves and heart rate via consumer wearables. According to three peer-reviewed journals, Healium has been shown to quickly reduce moderate anxiety, increase feelings of positivity and self-care using real-time EEG feedback and heart rate. These story-driven VR escapes are powered by the user’s feelings of positivity and calm via their wearables and patented technology. 


What if you could know everything a personal trainer would tell you? This time it’s not an opinion; it’s based on scientific data straight from your urine. That’s right, pee on a stick in the comfort of your own home then log into your mobile app. A few minutes later you’ll know exactly what you need to eat, drink, how to exercise or even if you have a common infection. Healium is taking preventative care to a whole new level. 


Want to get more from your Apple watch? Not only can you add on MoNoA, but you can also use Aura. Aura is a custom band that detects things the Apple watch doesn’t. It breaks down your body composition into four components: Fat, muscle mass, minerals, and body water. Aura uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), a measure of how well your body impedes or prevents, electric current flow. Feeling competitive? Aura also allows you to set duels with others to see who can gain more muscle and lose more fat. 


Always hot or cold while on shift? Temperature is personal. Shouldn’t it be on your terms? Embr is your personal thermostat. Giving you control to change your perception of temperature hot or cold up to five degrees. So how does it work? It provides a similar sensation to the refreshing chill of a cold glass or the comforting warmth of a hot mug. It can be controlled via the mobile app or by a few touches directly on the bracelet.  


A good night’s sleep can make or break how you feel on shift the next day; especially if you’re trying to train your brain to work nights. Developed by neuroscientists and sleep experts, URGONight uses the same technology previously only available to clinics and sleep researchers. Now, EEG-feedback therapy for sleep is available in the comfort of your own home. Training with URGONight encourages your brain to naturally produce more of the sleep-positive brain waves associated with better sleep. There are no sounds, waves, side effects, dependency, or sleepless nights. 


Nausea is never a fun thing to experience when you’re working a long shift and you’re responsible for making others feel better. Pair that with having nausea for months during pregnancy, or after spending thousands on vacation, Zofran may not do it. Not only does it tackle nausea, but it also claims to solve a variety of other problems including hangovers, physician-diagnosed migraines, some side-effects of chemotherapy, morning sickness, and can even serve as an adjunct to antiemetics for postoperative surgery.

Reliefband uses programmed pulses with a highly specific waveform, frequency, and intensity to stimulate the median nerve on the underside of the wrist. The signals flow to the central nervous system. They work via the vagus nerve to normalize stomach rhythms that cause nausea. With over 20 years of clinical research to obtain the patented technology, Reliefband says it’s the only drug-free therapy that is highly effective and doesn’t have the side effects associated with anti-nausea medicine, such as drowsiness.

Additionally, all Reliefbrand devices can be used either before or after nausea and vomiting symptoms start and can be left on as long as symptoms continue (unlike other alternatives).

What are you doing to keep on top of your health? We would love to hear from you in the comments below. Looking for more Disruptive Healthcare Products at CES 2020? Here are a few more “The best health tech” that CNET covered.

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