6 Facts about Esther McCready, a pioneer in Nursing

Esther McCready Nursing Pioneer

On September 2, 2020,  Esther McCready passed away. She was a nurse, teacher, and Activist. Born and raised on Dallas Street, Baltimore, McCready achieved greatness in the face of adversity. Esther E. McCready made history in 1950 as the first American American to be admitted to the University of Maryland-School of Nursing.   Her courage inspired

Patient Care and the Importance of Doctor/Patient Relationships

doctor smiling and shaking hands with a patient. MEDIjobs

A positive experience with their doctor encourages patients to be more active in their healing process. When patients trust their doctors, they feel less anxiety and comprehend medical information more readily. They also more freely disclose information pertaining to their condition, allowing for better diagnostics and offer the opportunity for a collaborative approach to recovery.

All you need to know about a Primary Care Physician career in New York City

Primary Care Physician. MEDIjobs

A primary care physician is a health professional who practices general medicine. This type of doctor has the knowledge and skills necessary to provide medical treatment and simple procedures for most of the conditions people struggle with during their lives. They help people from children to the elderly. If they couldn’t treat certain conditions, they would refer patients to trusted specialists.

The most required Radiologist Specializations in the USA

Radiologist checking a body image

According to Statista as in August of 2019, there were at least 10 different types of radiologist specializations. Most Importantly, there were 47,828 Radiologists registered in the USA, and this number will keep growing due to the high demand for this type of specialist. That’s why here we listed the different Radiology subspecialties, so you

Everything you need to know about salaries for medical professionals

Medical professionals salaries 2019 - MEDIjobs

The medical industry is evolving, and medical salaries are always changing. People need doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other medical staff for a good living. Here’s everything you need to know about medical salaries in 2019. Medical specialists, physicians and nurses alike, have a noble professional trajectory. They adhere to the Hippocratic Oath or deontological rules,