What Is the Average X-Ray Technician Salary in New Jersey

What Is the Average X-Ray Technician Salary in New Jersey

Are you interested in becoming an x-ray technician in New Jersey and wondering what their average salary is?

X-ray technicians or radiologic technologists develop diagnostic images or X-rays to help detect health problems.,i.e. bone fractures or other abnormalities. They prepare and educate patients on imaging procedures, maintain and operate imaging equipment, and work with physicians to assist with reading patient results.  In New Jersey, most radiologic technicians work in hospitals like Hackensack University Medical Center or work in diagnostic labs and urgent care centers. X-ray technicians in New Jersey are in demand, and so are their salaries. 

Check out the information below if you’re interested in becoming an X-ray technician in New Jersey and want to know the average salary for technicians.

How to become an X-Ray Technician in New Jersey?

 Before you become a technician, you need a high school diploma or GED and a certification, associate, or bachelor’s degree from an accredited program. After you complete your program, you must pass the AART exam, including the specialization focused section you wish to practice.  

To become an X-ray Technician in New Jersey, you must receive a license through the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Element.  The Department board offers licenses for radiologic technologists in diagnostic radiologic technology, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, and other radiologic disciplines. 

Note: New Jersey radiologic technology license needs to be renewed every two years.

X-Ray Technician Programs in New Jersey

There are 19 colleges with radiologic technology degrees in New Jersey, with 12 schools being accredited by the Joint Review Community on Education in Radiologic  Technology(JRCERT); with one accredited school having a medical imaging program.  Here are 7 Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic and Imaging programs accredited by the JRCERT.

  • Bergen Community College
  • Brookdale Community College
  • County College of Morris
  • Essex County College
  • Hudson County Community College
  • JFK Muhlenberg Harold B. & Dorothy A. Snyder Schools-School of Imaging
  • Rowan College at Burlington County and South Jersey

Note: Rowan College and the JFK Muhlenberg Harold B. & Dorothy A. Snyder Schools-School of Imaging are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP)

X-Ray Technician Responsibilities and Duties

  • Prepare equipment and examination rooms for patient exams
  • Explain procedures and answer patient questions
  • Place patients for examinations and monitor them during exams
  • Administer doses of radiation or radiopharmaceuticals to patients
  • Produce diagnostic images
  • Document and Report information to physicians

Average Salary of an X-Ray Technician in New Jersey

The average salary for X-ray Technicians in the U.S is between $40, 000 and $90.000 with a median of $63,120. X-ray technician salary depends on location, education, specialization, and experience.

In New Jersey, technicians make between $60,801 and $73,601 with the average salary being  $66,801 or $32.04 per hour. The demand for X-ray technicians in New Jersey continues to grow with projected job growth of 9.6%; between 2018 and 2028.  The state ranks number 34 out of 50 states nationwide for X-Ray Technician salaries.

5 High Paying Cities In New Jersey for X-Ray Technicians 

  • Hoboken, NJ- $72, 583
  • Passaic, NJ-$69,566
  • Bloomfield, NJ-$69,566
  • Bergenfield, NJ-$69,506
  • East Brunswick, NJ-$69,422

Note: Outpatient care centers and federal government agencies were the highest-paying industries for this profession, at $69,140 and $67,400, respectfully. 

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