What qualities make a great nurse?

What qualities make a great nurse?

The patient is most likely to be in contact with a great nurse. A good nurse does her job in a professional way, but a excellent nurse mark the lives of those they come in contact with in a positive and profound way. Moreover, they contribute to the mental and physical health of patients, but also to the success and stability of the institution they’re part of


An excellent nurse denotes compassion for patients. Compassion is the emotion you feel in response to the suffering of another and is usually joined by the desire to help. Therefore, this feature describes the profile of a nurse, given that they are always in contact with lot of patients. That is why both patients and their families need nurses for medical and moral support

Great nurse, GREAT communication skills

An excellent nurse has communication skills. These are necessary in any career, but for nurses it is an important performance evaluation criterion. The motivation is simple: nurses must communicate with doctors, patients and the rest of the team at a fast pace, in an environment where they have no time to lose.


An excellent nurse is empathetic. Empathy is the ability and the availability to share the feelings of others. This means that these nurses make an active effort to listen, to place themselves in the patient’s’ shoes and understand their feelings. While the doctor can ensure the success of a treatment or intervention, nurses are often decisive factors when it comes to the level of satisfaction patients have with the clinical experience

Detail Oriented

Nurses should pay attention to details. In the medical field, where a mistake can impact a person’s life, attention to detail is a valuable skill. From reading a patient’s record, to the details of a more delicate case, an excellent nurse will have a critical eye in every activity undertaken.


An excellent caregiver grants and receives respect. A nurse will take into account the medical, cultural, traditional and confidentiality needs of the patients. Excellent nurses will respect the people they work with, the rules of the institution, the patient and themselves. This professional integrity makes people win the respect of others at a fast pace.

In concluson, the same important attributes in the formation of an excellent nurse from 100 years ago are still valid today. What do you think makes a nurse excellent? Let us know in a comment below  and subscribe to our MEDIjobs newsletter

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