Why Dental Office Benefit from using Recruiting Agencies

Why Dental Office Benefit from using Recruiting Agencies

Recruiting employees in any industry is a time consuming process. In addition to the time spent reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates there is also cost associated with job boards and resources, and productivity lost during long extended searches. Enlisting a recruiting agency can help speed up your recruitment efforts and give you access to a deeper pool of qualified candidates. Up to 70% of applicants may not even possess the required qualifications. Recruiters have the ability to screen out these candidates and allow you to focus on the top tier of applicants.

Businesses often see the need to recruit for a variety of reasons including growth and replacement. Replacement needs often lead to the remaining employees cross-covering or a loss of business until a new team member can get hired and oriented. Similarly hiring during business growth can detract from focusing on other core areas needed to grow and sustain business.

Partnering with a recruiting agency that specializes in the dental field can help your office avoid cost and time that can be applied to other areas of growing and maintaining your practice.

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Reduce costs and time

The typical job search for a new employee in the healthcare field can take up to 90-days. For crucial roles in the dental field, this can cause disruption to the operation of any size practice. Bringing a dental recruiting company onboard and detailing the appropriate qualifications needed for your ideal team member will promote a faster end to your search. Recruiters can often submit candidates within a few weeks, rather than months. These pre-screened candidates are ready to be interviewed right away. 

Recruiters also utilize several paid job boards and resources in addition to their existing pipeline. Paid sourcing can amount to a large cost in the recruiting process.

Access to the most qualified candidates

Offices searching for candidates are often starting from scratch and limited to applicants who are actively seeking new positions. Recruiters are already conversing with and screening several individuals on a daily basis creating a network of qualified dental candidates.  This network may also include passive candidates who are currently employed, but searching for a position that better suits their career goals.

Waiting for the perfect candidate to actively apply can be time consuming. Recruiters have the ability to source candidates within the specified requirements. 

Unqualified candidates will be weeded out by a dental staffing agency. The procedure of thoroughly vetting applicants is extensive. It takes time to carefully consider which applicants are the most qualified, conduct interviews, and analyze application materials. That’s time that you probably don’t have if you’re simultaneously attempting to manage a busy dental office.

A dental recruiter has industry-specific knowledge

Dental offices need to partner with agencies that are familiar with the  industry. When working with a recruiter that has knowledge of your region, you will receive valuable information about the candidate pool, income expectations, interview guidance for those who enter into the process.

Recruiters who understand the dental industry can also clarify the proper characteristics needed to fit into your team. Once you establish a relationship and understanding with a recruiting agency, they will be able to assist with fulfilling future needs as well. 

Specialist recruiters like MEDIjobs put a lot of effort into keeping a pool of applicants who are top-tier in their particular professions, both passive and active. Additionally, we have direct access to professional networks and job sites that the majority of dental practices wouldn’t be able to find when hiring directly.

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