4 management healthcare trends that you cannot miss to improve your team performance

4 management healthcare trends that you cannot miss to improve your team performance

Management healthcare trends for 2020 are here. People and teams in the healthcare professional world are dealing with constant change. Therefore, it is important to learn how to deal with these changes and work towards the achievement of the practice objectives and continuously improve internal procedures to perform better.

Below we collect 4 of the latest trends in people management. So those responsible for team development will improve the performance of people and convert them in “high-performance teams”.


Where is the passion born? What motivates or demotivates us? What differentiates a “team” from a “group” at the neurobiological level? And from one “team” to another “high performance”? What brain and organic changes occur in meetings, relationships, and conflicts? How can we help the team leaders and their members from Neuroscience to travel a more effective path for all?

Neuroscience brings knowledge and resources in this regard, is placed at the service of everyday life, people and their personal and professional life.

Innovative companies apply Neuroscientific knowledge, which together with other disciplines, nourish, recycle, update and generate new ways to deal with the navigation of the equipment, more effective and satisfactory. We are not part of teams and companies to be unhappy and mediocre, we are part of them to make sense of our work, generate excellence to grow as human beings, contribute and strengthen as a social team.


Why do we do what we do? Based on what we decided to undertake and therefore behave in one way to choose to do what really suits them because they also feel like it?

Gamification deals with Motivational Design. The evolution from miserable to memorable in relation to an experience. Because we are people and people have been motivated, for thousands of years, for the same thing: pleasures. The pleasure of being able to express ourselves freely, belonging to a group, living a fantasy or enjoying an epic story… Let’s add to these the surprise factor and we will activate the fun! The fun is very serious. And nothing boring. So, let’s design for the people of our organization from Psychology and Motivation. As a result, we will have that common front that we always need.


Does relaxation, stress reduction help create more competitive teams? How can raising awareness levels help to better manage changes, optimize decision making, manage crises and day-to-day challenges?

Mindfulness training is increasingly popular in the corporate world and has been integrated into the daily life of the office by companies such as Google, LinkedIn or General Mills. Today, there is an increasingly developed research that demonstrates that Mindfulness at work has very positive effects on both workers and the organization. Subsequently, the most notable effects are stress reduction and increased concentration and memory.=

Communication applied to team management.

Can knowing people better improve their management and performance? Can the clarity of the information improve the performance of the teams? Moreover, Why knowing people makes you a better leader?

The economic environment that has been generated in recent years has led companies to analyze in greater detail the performance of their professionals. In this sense, managing productive work teams that maintain a good relationship with both customers and suppliers while being aligned with the strategy of the organization and committed to the quality of the product they work can be, without a doubt, one of the greatest challenges of a leader.

In Conclusion

A leader needs to trust that their teams are going to give 100% in each situation. Therefore, it is necessary to know them, understand them to know how to improve their performance. Analyze the different types of professionals. Meet people, know what motivations they have. Learn how they act, becomes a key factor to enhance the skills of the members and ultimately the team as a whole.

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Sam has been working in the healthcare industry for 5 years, she lives in Georgia with her husband and 2 dogs. She freelances as a content writer and loves to read about medical trends and share the knowledge around.

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