Need to Boost Your Energy or immune system? Consider Eating These Foods During the Pandemic

Need to Boost Your Energy or immune system? Consider Eating These Foods During the Pandemic

Buying groceries during this pandemic can be a challenge. Supermarket shelves are being emptied and delivery services are slowing down due to high demand. However, it is important that healthcare professionals protect their health as the world depends on their ability to perform every day. During these tough times, foods that provide a boost in energy and support the immune can be helpful.

What Foods Support the Immune System and Provide an Energy Boost?

These 4 immune and energy-boosting foods are still easy to find in most grocery stores. Although they may be common, you’ll be surprised about what health benefits they bring! 

Green and White Tea

According to one study, green tea has antioxidants and antimicrobials which both support our health. Antioxidants protect our cells against free radicals. This is important because free radicals can damage our cells which can contribute to disease. Antimicrobials, on the other hand, prevent microorganisms from growing. Microorganisms include bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. Based on this study, green and white tea have the highest amount of antioxidants and antimicrobial compounds. What makes drinking green and white tea even better is that they are both a natural source of caffeine. Natural caffeine can give you the energy boost to tackle your day.

Orange Peels 

Oranges are the perfect snack because they are easy to transport. Also, the alerting smell and natural sugar content give a quick energy boost. Most people are also familiar with the fact that the orange pulp is an immune-boosting fruit. However, did you know that the orange peel has the highest content of vitamin C and antioxidant compounds? It’s true! If you aren’t thrilled about biting into an orange peel, you aren’t alone. However, you can use the peels to make a delicious tea. Making tea is simple:

  1. Bring a pot of water to a boil
  2. Put the orange peels inside the water
  3. Let the pot simmer for at least 20 minutes
  4. Strain the tea into a cup and enjoy. 

You can also zest the orange on top of salads or desserts for a kick of flavor, as well. Next time you eat an orange, make sure to save the peel!


Inflammation in the body plays a role in chronic health issues and can cause pain and fatigue. According to one study, ginger has anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger doesn’t just tackle inflammation, though. Ginger is said to be a “strong antioxidant” as well. 

Most supermarkets will sell the ginger root in the vegetable section and ginger powder in the spice aisle. There are so many things you could do with ginger, such as using the root or powder to make tea, infuse your water with it, and use it in your cooking to flavor broths or stir-fried vegetables.


Turmeric is part of the Zingiberaceae family which is also the same family that ginger belongs to. It is no surprise that turmeric has beneficial properties just like ginger. Turmeric is also anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. Turmeric can also assist in controlling glucose levels. Controlling glucose levels is important because our bodies use glucose for energy. Therefore, turmeric may promote appropriate energy levels that are needed to endure long work shifts.

How Can You Incorporate These Ingredients in Your Day?

Did you realize that all the foods above can be consumed as a tea or as infused water? Healthcare professionals are incredibly occupied right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Convenience is of the utmost importance as there is little time to spend on prepping meals. What is simpler than making tea with infused orange peels, ginger, and turmeric? Or throwing all the ingredients into a water bottle before you leave to work in the morning? It is simple, effective, and your body will appreciate the immune and energy-boosting properties you’re providing it. 

For other tips on managing life during the pandemic, check out the latest article on stress management strategies here.

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