The 5 Best Healthcare Jobs for Extroverts

The 5 Best Healthcare Jobs for Extroverts

In an industry like healthcare, extroverts thrive at jobs where they can connect, develop, and change the lives of others.

For one, many healthcare jobs are high stress, fast-paced, and require individuals to be comfortable connecting and communicating with others.  Extroverts are people who thrive in social settings, are comfortable assisting, training, designing, and communicating with multiple people every day.

Working in a position that allows you to socialize with others while helping them receive care is then a position in healthcare. You might wonder what are some good healthcare jobs for extroverts. Look no further. 

Here are 5 of the Best Healthcare jobs for extroverts:

Public Health Nurse

Public Health Nurses focus more on community health and wellness of the population than most nurses. Nurses often focus on one patient at a time, but public health nurses care and educate groups simultaneously. From testing to facilitating workshops on community health’s importance to spreading health facts to school children, public health nurses are always moving and connecting.

The goal is to connect with community members, assist, care, and educate to improve community health outcomes.  They also travel to public health focus events and free check-ups and testing. Their goal is to socialize, connect, and advocate for member’s access to health services while administering care. 

Alternative: Travel Nurse

Like public health nurses, Travel nurses travel and connect with diverse groups and work in different settings.  That makes being a travel nurse is one of the best jobs for extroverts. 

3 Reasons a Travel Nurse is an Extroverts Dream:

  • Travel across the country or global assisting patients in various hospitals, clinics, and homes
  • Collaborating with other health care professional to ensure quality patient care
  • In Demand: Travel Nurses are always in demand; hospitals are always looking for socially experienced individuals to assist with patient care.

Physical Therapist

Many extroverts are hands-on and love being involved in projects. As a physical therapist, you work directly with patients to help with their pain. You’re connecting with them to develop a personalized treatment plan that best fits their needs.

You’re collaborating with others in the field, i.e. nutritionist, primary care, etc., to ensure the patient is receiving accurate assistance. 

Role and Responsibilities

  • Consulting with patients to learn about their conditions, issues, and needs
  • Developing treatment plans to treat their ailments
  • Educating and advising patients on exercise and stretching techniques to help them heal
  • Providing massages or stimulations to patients.
  • Advising patient and family on progress and health outcomes
  • Maintaining records and keeping track of goals and progress.

These responsibilities require ongoing communication to ensure patients feel comfortable and safe. As a physical therapist, you’re motivating and cheering their patients on and finding different ways to help their patients manage their pain. 

Note: Physical Therapist requires a master or bachelors in a health-related field. Doctor of Physical Therapy requires a higher degree and training.

Public Relations and Marketing Personnel

Do you love design, connecting with people on social media, creating business plans, and advertising? Why not work in healthcare marketing? 

Public relations in healthcare is essential. The department helps facilities with visibility and increases financial support by creating a story or narrative about the facility. Public Relations and marketing personnel help facilities set goals, communicate with various departments, create engaging content, and advertise to target audiences, i.e. community members, patients, and donors.

By developing positive campaigns, the facilities can increase brand awareness and sales. As a healthcare worker in PR or Marking, you’re constantly interacting with staff and other organizations, networking, researching ways to increase facility visibility, developing content, i.e. social media posts, brochures, or producing videos.  

As an extrovert, your hands-on and social; you’re able to communicate, motivate, and even persuade people to see things like you do; plus, you’re always on the move. 

Community Health Worker

A community health worker, like a public health nurse, works with a group or community. Community members work to educate the populations and change health behaviors and ensure that community members receive accurate health information, resources, and services. Community workers connect community members to social services, governmental institutions, and develop relationships between services and community members.

They advocate for change, equity, and support community members not only in health facilities but also in other services, i.e. housing care. As a community worker, you’re moving, communicating, and assisting. If you’re an extrovert who wants to help develop resources, advocate for community health needs, and build relationships between communities and communities and institutions, then being a community worker is for you.

Additional Information

Healthcare Human Resource Manager

Do you love developing employee relation plans, overseeing projects, and connecting with staff and recruits? Then a job as a Healthcare Human Resource Manager is for you. Human resource managers oversee administrative work, recruit, interview, and hire talented medical staff.

They also connect with other departments and are the go-between for management and employee relations. As an extrovert, you can use your talents of persuasion, communication, and overseeing staff members, create change, and provide quality care to patients by hiring the best talent.

A position in human resources, especially in healthcare, allows extroverts to interact with diverse groups, help create safe environments, support staff members, research ways to improve healthcare, and training others to do the same.

In Conclusion

There are many rewarding jobs in health care for extroverts. As an extrovert in healthcare, you’re able to perform tasks where you interact with others, assist in patient care, train, and create change. There are many rewarding jobs in healthcare for extroverts. 

Are there any jobs that surprised you? Tell us in the comment section.


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