Top 5 healthcare recruitment strategies for 2023

Top 5 healthcare recruitment strategies for 2023

The field of human resources is constantly changing. The COVID-19 pandemic has determined large companies to cut back on human resources as much as possible and rethink their strategies. Where possible, telemedicine, an alternative that allows employees to work from the comfort of their own homes, has been implemented. Staff shortages affected all industries, but the biggest impact was in the healthcare sector. There was a constant struggle to save lives, even as the number of front-line staff decreased significantly.

Now, two years after the worst health crisis, the focus is on the importance of much more effective human resource management. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), the number of doctors is expected to decrease by about 139,000 by 2033. This is a worrying situation, the negative effects of which will be strongly felt by both patients and health professionals. This is why HR departments are constantly developing strategies to improve recruitment activities. They are looking for talented doctors who can bring outstanding performance to health institutions. But to attract the best, the right techniques are needed.

Here are the top 5 healthcare recruitment insights for 2023:

1. The company culture must bring together sound principles and values

It’s important to align human resources with the company’s microsystem. Create a strong organisational culture, capable of attracting as many valuable candidates as possible. Once the doctor resonates with the work environment, the likelihood of staying with the practice will increase exponentially.

Also, reputation is a very important element in making a decision. Approximately 86% of candidates research the company very carefully before applying for a position. The issues they consider are: ethics, employee performance, work environment and financial development. For doctors in particular, working in an institution that has built up a positive image over the years is an advantage.

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2. There is a high demand for organisational talent

In such a competitive industry there is demand to find the best people for the jobs available. An organisational talent is someone who inspires the team, generates ideas, demonstrates highly developed communication skills. It’s a person who exudes optimism and good cheer through every pore, but knows how to get serious when they have to. He is charismatic and imposing, open and eager to help. Not many employees can be labelled organisational talents. That’s why new recruitment strategies focus on analysing and finding those people who can bring positive change to the company they work for.

3. Use of dedicated recruitment platforms

Traditional interviews are no longer a worthy alternative in 2023. The focus is on intelligent mechanisms that support the operation of recruitment platforms. Clever automation techniques offer a wide range of benefits to both candidates and employers. The time taken to scan CVs and set up an interview is significantly reduced. Human errors and therefore financial losses are also successfully eliminated. MEDIjobs is one of the most recommended recruitment platforms in the healthcare sector. It becomes the ideal choice if you want to build a team capable of generating spectacular results. Artificial intelligence-based solutions are highly efficient. It is estimated that around 50% of institutions are already using the benefits of automated recruitment.

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4. Soft skills are the ones on the spotlight over hard skills

Until recently it was hard skills that mattered most in the hiring process. However, things are completely different now. Doctors are still required to manage activities correctly, diagnose correctly and provide quality treatments adapted to patients’ needs. However, now more than ever, the focus is on the human side. Healthcare professionals must show empathy, patience, active listening, compassion and kindness. These are skills that are high on the list of priorities that employers present. The benefits they offer reflect on both the work environment and the doctor-patient relationship. A patient-oriented attitude will always win out over a pragmatic, hands-off attitude.

5. The role of the recruiter should no longer be reactive but proactive

The recruiter should no longer be passive, but actively involved in attracting as many valuable candidates as possible. Clear delimitation of roles is no longer necessary in such a context. Those in charge of recruitment activities need to break away from an overly formal attitude that denotes hierarchical superiority. The recruitment process must now become an interesting exchange of information, experiences and ideas. It should take the form of a relaxed, casual discussion so that both parties feel at ease.


The field of human resources has certainly changed as a result of the pandemic crisis. Large companies have chosen either to cut staff or to implement a hybrid system allowing people to work from home. The biggest loss in terms of human resources has been in the healthcare sector.

After about three years, modern recruitment strategies are needed more than ever. In 2023 there are a few trends that every HR department should adopt. Old hiring techniques no longer work. Dedicated platforms are therefore needed, using intelligent algorithms to filter options and choose the right ones for the job. They are also ideal for eliminating human error or subjective opinions.

There is also a growing demand for attracting organisational talent. Health institutions need trained clinicians with both professional expertise and soft skills. Active listening, compassion, empathy and kindness are among the skills every doctor should master.

Invest in the ideal recruitment options and enjoy impressive results!

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